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Could you train to be a fire fighter in 90 degree heat? 

Careers in Fire Fighting

What's it like to fight a fire?

There are many different types of fires as well as emergencies to which a fire fighter must respond. Your training and mental preparation will prepare you to adapt quickly to any situation and respond with professionalism and skill. You will be working as a team with other skilled individuals including veteran fire fighters. Fire fighting is a very physical, hands-on job.

What is training like?

Alongside other recruits, you will study firefighting and fire-prevention techniques, local building codes, and emergency medical procedures. You'll  learn how to fight fires with standard equipment, including axes, chain saws, fire extinguishers, and ladders. Controlled simulations of emergency situations will allow you to test your training and skill.

What does is take to become a fire fighter?

Firefighters have a dangerous and demanding job. You must be physically and mentally fit as well as have a genuine desire to serve your community. You will be saving lives and property. Physically fit applicants with paramedic training have the best job prospects. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

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What can I expect at the station?

Firefighters are typically on duty 24 hours and off 48 hours. While on duty, you'll live at the fire station, working alongside team members to prepare equipment, learn new skills, and train for emergencies. An alarm could sound at any moment so fire fighters must always be prepared to respond.

Note: Many fire fighters hold a second job because of the time flexibility.

Salary and Benefits

A typical annual salary range for fire fighters in the Anniston area averages between $34,000 and $39,000. According to, the nationwide average is $44,000. Benefits include health insurance (individual and/or family) retirement fund, and vacation and sick leave. Professional development opportunities can enhance your chance for advancement. Fire Fighter is a Civil Service job.

What are the requirements for becoming a fire fighter?

  • 18 years old
  • High school diploma
  • Valid driver's license
  • EMT training & certification
  • Pass written and physical tests
  • Complete series of interviews
  • Training at fire academy
  • Pass medical exam and drug screening

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